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Bruised But Not Broken by Sabrina Childress

     I was born Alice Mae White to a woman who never wanted children. Fortunately for me, I was the only one because she'd managed to abort three previous mistakes. So I was the lucky winner and proud recipient of all the hate she harbored for me “messing up” her life.
     What's my back story? Everyone has one, right? Well mine isn't all that spectacular if you ask me. But since I'm here and you're here and I'm the one telling the story I'll let you be the judge. First things first, I've killed someone. Well two people total and one I'm not exactly sure of. Don't judge me. And no, I've not gone to jail for any of my crimes. Personally, they deserved it, so I see it as God's way of redeeming himself for letting me down. And before you get all religious on me, let me just say, save it! God hasn't done me any favors since the day I took my first breath, with the exception of those afore mentioned crimes. And no, I don't feel sorry for myself and I don't want pity from you either. It's just life. That's it. That's all. So back to my oh-so-interesting back story; step into the great unknown.



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Those Necessary Thorns: Desiree Elizabeth Taylor

The book of Relationships, Faith, Marriage, Love, Lust, and Lies

James made a mistake.
Desiree made a decision.
Raymond took interest.
Tina took action.
They all ended up with scars.


Meet Desiree Elizabeth Taylor (Desi) a sexy, smart, and no-nonsense kind of woman. Some would say she is wholesome -- while others would gladly call her a bitch.


After years of living the life of the perfect, wife, friend and business savvy know-it-all, Desi had a secret that would destroy everything she'd worked so hard to achieve.


The cast of characters in her life is starting to unravel and Desi is losing control fast! Her marriage is on the rocks and her best friend is turning into a spiteful enemy.


What happens when Desiree decides it's better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission?


{Adult themes} {Explicit Content}


Would you like a taste? Read the "You Came Too" Chapter, Relax, Breathe and Release.


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Those Necessary Thorns: Sex and Decadence

The Book of Consequences

Desiree Elizabeth Taylor and her cast of charismatic characters; James Jones Taylor, Raymond Humphrey, and Tina Harper are back with a vengeance! The erotic drama that consumed Desiree threatens to destroy her life once and for all.

In this heart pounding adventure, passion rules and obsession reigns as James restores order in his marriage to Desiree and against the man whom he blames for putting it all in jeopardy. All of the painful secrets are revealed when love knows no boundaries.

Once a good girl has gone bad, is she gone forever?


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Those Necessary Thorns: Derrick Pender

The Book of Tradedy, Love, Truth, Triumph and Child Abuse

Being born into the Thorn family was no gift; where secrets, lies, murder, and abuse were all common place.


In this captivating recount, loosely based on a true story by Aretha Cephus, Desiree Elizabeth Taylor delves deep into her painful past in order to reclaim herself and her marriage to James Jones Taylor. In order to understand their future, they must first acknowledge the past.


In the beginning, there was love. In the middle there was pain. In the end, there was understanding. In this third and final installment of this dramatized series, the things and people that shaped her adult life have come back with a vengeance including one of the most painful of all; Derrick Pender. This is the story of how a major tragedy changed her life for better or worse.


Does time really heal all wounds?


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Those Necessary Thorns: The Complete Series

Authored by Sabrina Childress, Contributions by Aretha Cephus and J. Will

All three books from Those Necessary Thorns series in one complete book!  
James made a mistake. 
Desiree made a decision. 
Raymond took interest. 
Tina took action. 
They all ended up with scars. 
Already, I’d forgotten about my fight with my husband. I’d forgotten about how miserable I’d been over the past year. I’d even forgotten about how my ass hurt, for a moment. This life was good. This is the way I’d wanted to feel all the time, minus the aching anus. I wanted my husband to remember me like this, but I didn’t think he ever would. So right then and there I made up my mind. It was better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission. If I could forgive others then hell they could do the same for me. And J.J. needed to know that I wasn’t going to stop my life because he found another one and forgot to invite me to the party. I was still furious about the mystery woman in my home and beyond done with the lies and hidden secrecies. I was ready for a divorce. If one of us was going to be unhappy in this marriage, it wasn’t going to be me. 
Once a good girl has gone bad, is she gone forever?

Giggles in the Park

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With a raised brow, Terry smiled at himself because this day his social experiment would begin.

Will human nature disappoint?

What happens when man uses himself as a pawn in his own game?

The questions of what these characteristics are, how fixed they are, and what causes them are amongst the oldest and most important questions in western philosophy.

Giggles in the Park
With a raised brow, Terry smiled at himself because this day his social experiment would begin. Will human nature disappoint? What happens when man uses himself as a pawn in his own game?
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